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Direct Hire

Our Direct Hire service is what we are known for. We start with a thorough assessment of the position requirements, the culture of the company, and expectations for the first year after hire.  We go through a multistep screening process with all candidates that allows us to find not only the right skill set but the right personality for your team and acumen to reach your goals year in and year out.

Our Process

Position Discovery

  • We will meet with you to get a full understanding of your needs so that we don’t waste your time with candidates that don’t fit the requirements

Candidate Search

  • We will amass resumes from our inventory and specialized search and start our initial screening

Top 5

  • We will find the top 5 candidates that fit the requirement and do initial phone screens to qualify them for the position and experience needed
  • After qualifying we will set up face to face interviews to go through the job description in detail and make sure they have the relevant job experience that makes them the correct fit for your needs


  • We will obtain 3-5 references at the face to face interview
  • We will proactively do these reference checks to guarantee our “hot points” that we will include on every submittal that show how the candidate is a fit for your need


  • Once we have submitted the candidate to you we will follow the standard processes that you have in place

Our Direct Hire service is 100% Free until we find the right candidate that you want to hire.  We will NEVER send a candidate that isn’t a decent fit per our screening process.   We are here to be Beneficial to your needs and will not waste your time for the sake of sending candidates.



Beneficial Talent Source is a female owned, family run company that puts its highest priority on working with companies and candidates we can consider part of our family. We are a business that believes that personal relationships with our candidates and clients are the best avenue to success. In today's world and technological access there is an absence of a personal touch. We meet with all candidates and clients to create long lasting working relationships.